Chaowan knowledge
The main characteristics of Chaowan brand plumbing and bathroom products are water saving and environmental protection. In order to enable users to use and maintain products correctly, please read the following.
Product Installation
1.1 Experienced and qualified professionals are invited to carry out construction and installation.
1.2 When installing this product, please read the installation instructions to check whether the pipeline pressure is in the normal range.
1.3 Products should avoid collision with hard objects, do not leave cement, glue and other residues on the surface, in order to avoid damage to the gloss of the surface coating.
1.4 Attention should be paid to the removal of debris in the pipeline in order to avoid blockage.
Product Maintenance
2.1 The product surface should be gently wiped with water and soft cotton cloth. Avoid using metal filaments or cleaning cloth with hard particles, etc.
2.2 use the following detergents to remove rough mask and deposits: mild liquid glass cleaner, pure liquid glass cleaner, acid free, non abrasive liquid or completely dissolved powder, no frictional solution polish.
2.3 Do not touch the surface of the product by hitting hard objects.
Common problem
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