Advantages and disadvantages of induction tap and matters needing attention in its use
  • Date:2019-07-24
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Induction faucet is an intelligent faucet product, which can control water consumption and avoid waste of water resources.

Advantages of Induction Faucet
1. Appearance design. With the progress of production and processing technology, the style of induction faucet is no longer monotonous. Now the appearance of induction faucet is beautiful, decorative and convenient to use.
2. Humanization of design. The design of induction tap is very humanistic. The opening time of the valve is limited by a certain time, usually about 30 seconds. When the time exceeds the limit, the valve will automatically close. This is to prevent the waste of water resources caused by foreign bodies in the induction range for a long time.
3. Intelligent water saving. The use of infrared sensor faucets to operate water valves can effectively deal with the waste of water resources. Compared with other types of faucets, the water saving rate can reach at least 60%.
4. Health and hygiene. Compared with other faucets, people need to close the valves after using them, and they are easily contaminated with bacteria. Induction faucet effectively avoids this problem, does not need to touch the valve by hand, only the principle of infrared sensing area, the valve will automatically close, in this regard, the induction faucet is more healthy and hygienic.

Shortcomings of Induction Faucet
1. The price is on the high side. The high production cost of induction faucets leads to the higher price of induction faucets sold on the market. Some of them will have higher price because of their excellent performance.
2. Replace the power supply system regularly. Because the induction faucet is driven by power supply, it is necessary to periodically repair and replace the power supply system components inside the induction faucet.

Cautions for Use of Induction Faucet
1. Daily cleaning. The inductive faucet should be maintained and cleaned for a period of time to ensure the gloss of the faucet's appearance. When cleaning, attention should be paid not to wipe the surface of the faucet with damp towels or hard objects, which will damage the metal coating on its surface. Corrosive solutions can not be used to clean induction faucets.
2. Prevent scraping. Daily use of faucets should not be scratched by sharp objects, simple scratch will cause damage to the surface of the faucet, affecting the quality and use. Do not touch the tap with wet hands, dry the water on your hands, and then contact the tap, or that is to say, the induction tap should not be in a humid environment for a long time.
3. Replacement of batteries. Because the induction faucet belongs to DC series products, when it is used, the induction lamp flashes continuously, which means that the power is insufficient. At this time, it is necessary to replace the battery immediately, otherwise it will affect the use and reduce its life. Moreover, the induction faucet should also regularly clean its filter to prevent blockage.

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